Company – Blister & Packaging

The content is the protagonist but today more than ever, the packaging, acquired a relevant strategic and commercial importance. Conscious of that, Blister & Packaging studies, projects and into realizes packagings and display stands for the newsstand and GDO, becoming a reference into the sector for quality, innovations of products and services.

The company expanded its service to ensure the maximum efficiency in management of the product’s graphic design, packaging, exposition, unpacking, storage and deposit.

The reception open 24 hour a day, the wide automated werehouse, the flexibility and the high potential of our production make us an exceptional partner.

Beliving strongly in the principle that “the dress can determine the success of the product”, Blister & Packaging is equipped in the packaging area and for presentation of “newsstand” and “large distribution” with new machinery investments and operated, protects by antitheft and guardian 24 hours a day.

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